Attention is All They Need

Super excited to see my summer research getting featured on FireEye blog 🔥👁 🦄 [Read More]
Tags: GPT-2, FireEye, Disinformation, Threat Research, Internship

Customizing iTerm2

I’ve found this tutorial here at freecodecamp very useful to install and customize iTerm2 in my mac. I have followed almost all of the steps, except the color customization options, where I chose to use material-design by Martin Seeler. I also liked Dracula for dark theme.
Tags: tutorial, iterm2, installation, customization

Deploying in Apache Tomcat via Maven-Tomcat plugin

Add the following user-roles and user (specially a user with roles of manager-jmx,manager-script, see ‘maven’ user, for example) in tomcat-users.xml file. (Sidenote: you can create a user with manager-gui role to access Tomcat manager interface from your browser, that’s pretty cool and handy!!) [Read More]
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